The cost of electricity is always on the rise. This means that the cost is getting higher and higher so it's time to learn some ways to save on electricity and this means saving money.

A good investment is an electricity monitor. This smart little device will show you in real time how much electricity you are using and give you an idea where all your hard earned money is going. If you feel you need one then click the picture below and you will be taken to get one.


• Washing Machines
• Heating/Air conditioning
• Tumble dryer
• Fridges/Freezers
• kettles

Be sure not to leave any appliances in standby such as TV's, Game consoles, HI-FI's & DVD's as they still use 90% electric in standby mode which is a massive waste over the year and a big ache on your wallet.

If you forget to switch off appliances frequently then consider buying a PowerSafe device which automatically cuts power off to appliances when they are in standby.


By changing electricity provider you can save a lot of money and even get some free vouchers for switching. It is always a good idea to use a comparison website to find the best provider for you and save yourself some money


• Replace all light bulbs with energy saving bulbs.

Put your clothes out on the washing line to dry instead of using a tumble dryer.

• Try to cook all your food at the same time to save firing up the oven more than once.

• Use a microwave oven to re-heat food instead of an oven. Microwaves may use a lot of energy but ovens use more over the time taken.

• Keep your heating at a constant temperature and don't change it a lot E.G. 15 degrees.

• Consider buying washing machine balls and other energy saving devices.
• When using the kettle only put as much water in as you need.

• Do not open the oven door much when cooking.

• Only run a dishwasher with a full load in it.

• Boil a kettle instead of a pan on the hob will save 50-70% energy.

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